Dahua IPC-HFW2231S-S-0280B-S2 2MP WDR IR Bullet Network Camera New Out Of Stock
Technical features Sensor 1/2.8” 2Megapixel progressive CMOS Outputs max. 2MP (1920 × 1080) @25..
Ex Tax: 97.00€
Dahua VTH2421FB-P 7 New
Technical features 7" TFT Capacitive touch screen, 1024x600 IPC surveillance, Alarm integration..
Ex Tax: 183.00€
Dahua VTO6221E-P Apartment Outdoor Station 2MP New
Technical features Mechanical button with Braille Screen 2.3'' OLED Aluminium surface panel, ..
Ex Tax: 370.00€
Dahua VTO3211D-P-S1  1 Button Villa Outdoor Station 2MP New Out Of Stock
Technical features 1 Mechanical Button Aluminium surface panel, IP65, IK08 Night vision & Voi..
Ex Tax: 218.00€
Dahua VTM126 Aluminum mounting plate for VTO4202F-X Series New
Technical features Surface mounting plate for VTO4202F-X, Aluminum Dimensions 140mm×340.40mm×7...
Ex Tax: 77.00€
Dahua VTM125 Aluminum mounting plate for VTO4202F-X Series New
Technical features Surface mounting plate for VTO4202F-X, Aluminum Dimensions 140mm×240.20mm×7...
Ex Tax: 61.00€
Dahua VTM115 Aluminum Surface mounted Box for VTO2202F-P Series New Out Of Stock
Technical features Surface mounted Box for VTO2202F-P, Aluminum Dimensions 129.0mm×95.0mm×28.5m..
Ex Tax: 19.00€
Dahua VTM114 Flush Mounted Box for VTO2202F-P New Out Of Stock
Technical features Flush Mounted Box for VTO2202F-P, Aluminum Dimensions(Front) : 128.9mm×162.9..
Ex Tax: 26.00€
Dahua VTO2202F-P IP Villa Door Station New
Technical features Aluminium alloy plate, Mechanical button Night vision & Voice indication 1..
Ex Tax: 231.00€
Dahua 4-Port PoE Switch (Unmanaged) PFS3005-4ET-60 New
Technical features ELayer two commercial switch. Supports 250 meters long distance PoE transmissi..
Ex Tax: 58.00€
Dahua IPC-HDBW3241F-AS-M 2MP Lite AI IR Fixed focal Dome Network Camera New
Technical features 1/2.8” 2Megapixel progressive scan CMOS H.265&H.264 triple-stream encoding ..
Ex Tax: 116.00€
Videotec Maximus MPXWBA Mount Bracket New Out Of Stock
Technical featuresStainless steel wall mount bracket for Maximus MPX seriesLength: 400mm, weight: 5...
Ex Tax: 445.00€

Video Surveillance Equipment Sales

Importing and selling security cameras, recorders and other security equipment has been our main focus since 2004. We pride ourselves as being experienced specialists in the field and by that reason; we believe that providing reliable technical support and consultancy are more important than having lowest price. We are committed to offering the best service in both technical support and warranty to our clients, whom majority are installation companies.

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CCTV Rrepair & Maintenance

We are probably the only security surveillance company in Estonia who has its own repair and maintenance department. Preferably, we repair and look after the equipment from trademarks that are presented in our product portfolio, but of course, we also help when you use our competitors’ equipment. With our help, productivity and quick solutions to problems are assured. It is important to realize, when it comes to warranty questions, speed is an invaluable trait.

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